What are the English bit strengths in order from weakest to strongest?

Snaffles rubber and happy mouths are the weakest in my opinion depending on joints sides and links. Gags pelhams and kimblewicks are stronger. It would take hours to really go through and rank bits though because there's such a huge variety. And just because a snaffle sounds in theory weaker than a gag doesn't mean it can't be just as harsh. A double twisted wire used with hard hands for example is much worse than a gag being used softly and correctly. Remember: a bit is only as severe as the hands that hold it
Usually the more round and jointed it is, the softer it is, and longer shanks/ gags are harsher
Yeah I'm thinking of trying the Dutch gag on the first ring from the snaffle ring to see how she responds to that :) x
French link snaffle the weakest... stronger are the gags, waterfords etc I think🙈
Snaffles are pretty weak
Yeah my mare is on as loose ring single jointed snaffle but I need something slightly stronger as she's very sensitive in the mouth but she's very strong
I always put snaffle at softest and pellum at strongest but that's personal preference x
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