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Ask Team Ek1n : How do you keep your grey horses grey? Any tips?

Ask Team Ek1n : How do you keep your grey horses grey? Any tips?
Hello Rachel,

EK1N offers a dry stain remover in the form of a powder to apply on dry hair. You need to leave it to work during 5 min then brush the hair to remove all the stains.

This permits to clean and whiten without using water.

-100% natural product and respectful towards the environment

-Only made of effective ingredients. The raw materials chosen all have properties which contribute to the expected effect :

-the kaolin : it has a strong stain removing power, absorbs impurities to permit a great elimination
-lemon eucalyptus oil : it has a whitening power
-titanium dioxide : bring the whiteness out

Thank you for your question!
Washing up liquid or human purple shampoo!! Ketchup on his tail but don't put it near his dock as the acid in the tomatos would really irritate his skin
Bathing a lot and using stain remover specified for greg horses is what I do. Also, baby powder is a great last minute cover-up/enhancer for legs.
There is a shampoo called blueing
I have a bay and his favourite thing to do is roll. Especially after rides or when i wash him. I would suggest you let them dry before letting them back into the paddock so the don't get dirt stuck to them. If your paddock is muddy there isn't much you can do unless you want to rug them. *DO NOT WASH YOUR HORSE TOO MUCH* i know its tempting but don't! Too much washing with shampoo can be bad for the horses skin. Wash them every now and then but be careful not to wash the too much. Brush them lots and lots. A main cause of rolling and getting dirty is being itchy! So lots of rubs and brushes with help. Hope this was helpful!
lots of baths!!! show sheen & brushing really well!
I need help on this too