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What flatwork exercises do you all do?

What flatwork exercises do you all do?
constant transitions, walk - trot, trot - canter, walk - canter, etc. etc. And also tempo changes, so in canter go faster and slower, do this a lot on larger circles. Also serpentines and on the center line make a transition. This really makes the horse pay attention and activates their hindquarters so they are lighter in the hand/contact!
I do lots of transitions with my horse and practice lead changes
Lots of trotting and canter poles !! :)
this exercise is supposed to be like a spiral
I do one where you start at with a 20 metre circle and by using your legs each time you go around you move in a bit. It kills your legs but it gets your horse and your self thinking. :)
I like to do a figure 8 at the trot and canter. If you do it at the canter, you can do lead changes or simple changes up to you.:)
Ground poles
Walk to trot to sitting trot then change rein to walk to trot to sitting trot to canter then change them canter ground poles then 1m jumps
I always work on bending, leg yields and halting and just basic transitions and lots and lots of circle