I have a pony with a a fussy mouth but I used a happy mouth and a snaffle and she just runs through them what do I do ( currently using a Kimberwick but it is illegal in dressage)

Yes I have floated her teeth and she doesn't like objects like rollers in her mouth. Thank y'all for the help I might try bit less
There are a lot of snaffle sizes, the widest are the lest aggressive and the thinests the most aggressive so you just have to find the balance and figure it out what size fits him the best. I would recommend a o ring type
You could try using a roller link or copper rollers. You could also try a hackabit but I'm not sure if you can use those in dressage.
Have you gotten her teeth floated?
Have you tried bitless, or one of the snaffles with an added ring on above which adds a bit of poll pressure?
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