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Anyone know of any tips to keep your lower leg at the girth while jumping?

Anyone know of any tips to keep your lower leg at the girth while jumping?
Put your stirrups inside the numnah straps for training ☺️
We roughed it when I was a kid. Tie some bailing twin around the girth and the inside of your stirrup iron. It's very awkward uncomfortable for a while but ride like that everyday and soon it becomes muscle memory
Stirrup straps work miracles! You can get them at your local tack shop, they are basically a strap of leather that attaches your stirrup to the girth so when your leg flies forward or back you automatically lose your stirrups.
I have the same problem my coach told me to do lots of no stirrups over poles and small jumps if your brace enough :)
Hi Maya,
Doing a lot of no stirrups work will help to keep your leg more still.
Personally, I find that breeches with grip at the knee don't really help with position at all! Instead, try focusing on sitting deep into the saddle on your approach and really gripping with your calf while forcing your weight into your heel. Also a less exaggerated 2 point over the jump could help that too but it all depends on the height you're jumping. 😁
Push your heels down as far as they go and squeeze with your lower leg instead of with your knee.
@bays4days @bethany thanks so much guys these tips were really helpful.
The urge to use gaiters to strap your legs to the girth 😂 @bays4days
^^ that's great advise!!! I always act like my leg is super glued to my girth and it usually helps
This probably sounds weird but I almost have to really poke my bum out and not tense with my knees, also feel for the girth with your lower leg as you approach, keep in your mind where the girth is on the horse and where your leg should be will also encourage you :)