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For a hunter jumper show, how can I wear my hair?

For a hunter jumper show, how can I wear my hair?
Put it in the helmet! That looks very professional⭐️
Always in a hairnet
Up in a hair net
if you are 12 and younger you should be able to get away with a braid and big bows but if you are any older i would say for sure where a hair net!
I've always shown in the jumpers and I always have it down in a braid or pony tail.
Because of the new info about how putting your hair into your helmet can make the helmet not as effective, usually people are just putting their hair in a neat bun or braid
The most formal way is up in a hairnet, completely covered by a helmet. This is the most professional looking.
I dont know much about hunter jumper but if you plait your hair down low and roll it up into a bun and put a hair net over it it will look very neat and nice
Hi Taylor, for a h/j show you should have your hair in a hair net tucked under your helmet :)