Caring for long manes | What is your usual matienence routine for a long mane? And when prepping for shows, how do you help the mane be soft and tangle free for braiding?

@morgannbrewster he's a Lusitano, so definitely no pulling or cutting going on here ;) That would be sacrilege lol
@madison_snowden That makes more sense!!! I've tried the pink stuff before, for some reason it did not work well with my guy's mane, but I know tons of people that love it. I braid similarly and leave them in for turnout, so I'm glad I'm on a similar track to her :)
@mayatrevorrow Yes she left the braids in when they were in the paddock
Actually looking back at what I wrote, it wasn't show sheen. It was this stuff called pink oil. Sorry for the confusion :)
I never but conditioner in the name cause it makes it more slippery but we usually pull the mane then cut it to the right length for braiding
I use this conditioner called cowboy magic where you just put it in your brush and it makes the mane and tail smooth, shiny and knott free
For reference, my current routine is I use a wide tooth comb to lightly detangle the mane, put some conditioner in, and I do about 8 loose braids straight down and I redo them about once a week. But the mane texture isn't ideal (it's a bit gummy and likes to be tangled regardless of what I use), and I'm having trouble preventing the braids for getting wet when I hose him. I'm hoping someone has a better care routine I can follow, since even though this one works, it's not definitely not the best
@saraha yeah thats what i thought
@madison_snowden I have to say, I'm surprised she used Show Sheen considering​ how drying silicone is to the hair shaft, I would think the mane would become very brittle
@madison_snowden did they leave the braids in the horses mane while they were in the paddock?
My old trainer use to do multiple braids in her horses' manes, and then at least once a month she took the braids out and brushed it with some show sheen, and then braided it again
Brush the mane gently to get dirt and tangles out. Make sure to not pull any hair out. Spray with water or horse hair detangle stuff and brush again. Make sure the hair is not soaking wet just a bit moist. This will help you be able to grip the mane more easily for plating.
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