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How could you build your own jump. Any ideas

How could you build your own jump. Any ideas
Old useless pallets maybe?
barrels, logs, straw bales.
Hay bails, or even use old boxes
Omg thanks everyone gonna try them out and I'll let ye no thanks a million x
You can stack hay cubes as well
If you can get hold of old barrels/drums you can drill holes in them and make/buy cups to make adjustable jumps
Go to YouTube and search Budget Equestrian she has really good videos on how to make jumps for under £30!
If you can find logs/long sticks/tyres they could be useful:)
Use crates and stack the poles on top of them x
Old tree stumps , little wooden blocks (that you can stack up ) the sides of fences and small barrels that you find around the yard , and also buckets that are strong enough