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Advice on jumping high when your nervous 🏇💕

Advice on jumping high when your nervous 🏇💕
I always count like 1,2,1,2 etc. It usually calms me down.
I try to breathe deeply and ride it just like I would something smaller. I try to not think about the height and I focus on my line and strides instead.
Count to keep the same pace and don't look at the fence look past it.
Deep breath and think that you're gonna enjoy the moment and think that it's the same like jumping 0.40, 0.80...
Just take a deep breath it really help and not think about it
I know this seems impossible but breathe "downwards" exhaling as out all the pressure and weight of your breath "downwards" 😂👍🏽 It really works for men
Ok thank you @daniellebest
One of my good mates wanted to jump higher but always over thought it so what I did was got her jumping a course at the height she was comfortable at (which was 70-80cm) but while she was doing the round I'd put a few of the jumps she'd already jumped up slightly and by the end of it she was jumping around 1m. Just find little ways to get your focus off the height of the jump
10 strides out take a nice deep breath and start counting for a distance. after the jump if you have a coarse cruse along and think of the jumps as bumps in the road:)
Just relax once you get on forget about everything and just remember it's just a show there's always another one
I was always nervous when the jumps got higher and I found that putting trust into my horse and telling myself to breath worked. Obviously take it slow and try maybe doing a one stride so that you don't have to find your distance as much. Whatever height you are jumping put as the first jump and the second one a bit higher and work your way up slowly, it may take a while. Enjoy it and tell yourself you are having FUN and before you know it, it will all come easier and easier by the jump! Another thing I learned is to never give up because I almost quit riding. I got so scared to trot a crossbar a year and a half ago and now i'm easily coursing 3'0"-3'6". The more strength you build in your legs and torso, the more you can hold yourself in a good position over jumps, and flatwork, flatwork, flatwork. It ALWAYS pays off trust me! I hope this helped!
Make sure your ready to jump higher and if you are just look up and ride as usual:)
Focus don't let your nerves get the best of you
Ok thanks @gwen Smith
Breathe And count.
Hi @emmamorrison8 thanks so much I'll try that 💗💕
Hi! Just always take it slow and there's no rush. And make sure your always staying safe !!