The horse I ride is allergic to apples and I would like to make him some homemade treats. Any recipe ideas??

Hi Breanna! Do any cookie recipe, just don't add sugars, baking powder or chocolate. Stick to natural ingredients, and if possible, whole grain flour. Hope it helped!
Pretty much any recipe when it calls for apples use carrot
Horses can eat pumpkins too. Maybe you can search some pumpkin treat recipes?
There are a lor of recipes with carrots! Also any recipe you find on the internet if they contain apples you can change it for any other fruit and it will taste good too! The one I always do is made with molasses, oats, carrots, flour and olive oil…
Hope it helps! 😊
Try bananas Muffins . Lots of recipes online !
You can always search up a recipe online and if it contains apple just swap it out for something else like carrots or banana. Hope this helped sry it's not a recipe though
You can also give him bananas ;)
U could give him carrots. Not a recipe sorry.
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