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Does anyone know any exercises to build muscle on your horse?

Does anyone know any exercises to build muscle on your horse?
Try posting without stirrups and going bareback.
Make sure your horse is collected so he becomes round and works his neck and his hind end. Do a lot of trotting rather than cantering and most importantly make sure your horse is worked 6-7 times a week. Don't overwork your horse obviously. I usually work for about 30min a day, sometimes longer but never over an hour. I don't like to ride by myself so if I don't have a trainer or someone to come to the barn with me I'll lunge him and set up cavalettis. To make sure he's collected when lunging I use a neck stretcher and a surcingle but I don't need the whole passoa system bc my horse becomes round the moment his head is in the correct position, which is what the neck stretcher helps with
Uphill to build shoulder, downhill to build hindquarters, raised trot poles to build core, and always asking for a steady frame and being on the bit helps build top line 😊
Circles and a lot of lateral work will really help strengthen your horse
walking up and down hills can build a nice base for a great built top line:)
Raised poles and lots of pole work also getting them to work low helps
You can walk whith your horse by the fields and do a lot of up and down exercises
Uphill trotting but make sure horse is working through its back. At the moment I am doing lots of canter poles on a curve to help strengthen my horses canter. You can slowly start to make them into cavalettis
Hacking and lots of uphill trotting
My trainer has had us so raised caviletie or long lining
I like to trot the horses uphill and make sure to collect them so they have to use their muscels:)