I am looking to get a new helmet any brand recommendations?

Charles Owen or Samshield
Samshield by far! Stylish and amazinggggg ventilation
I like Europehunter
Absolutely love my Uvex (dressage). It is so light and breathable, only if it is absolutely stinking hot will I get a sweaty head
Mine is GPA and its really good.
One K I love mine!!
I bought a Kask lately, super comfortable!
Samsheilds are great but can be expensive. Charles Owens are super comfortable, much cheaper, and still very acceptable in the show ring.
Casco and KEP Italia :)
Samshield! 110%! Got my second samshield this last weekend, I've been using Samshield for 3/4years now best helmets I ever had
Samshield, Samshield, Samshield!! I 110% recommend samsheild helmets. They are so stylish and have amazing protection!!!
Oviation helmets are great. Mines lasted for so long.
Charles Owen
Champion πŸ’—
Casco! 😊
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