I have pony camp in the summer and I'm going with my loan however she gets tired after 30 minutes of flatwork. Anyone know and good stamina and fitness exercises?? Any good diets??

Trot sets, hacking, lunging
@saratruax I only ride her once everyone other week and sometimes in lessons ?? And I'm the only one who rides her
So work with her a little more everyday for example 1st day work about 20-24 mins and then the 2nd day work for about 30-35 mins and then just keep going from there adding a few more mins every time you ride.I had this problem before so I hope this helps
It wouldn't take any longer than 40mins :)
@georgiabuchan I only get to ride her every other week for 40 minutes. Can this be down even though this is the only time I can ride her
To get my eventer fit I do interval training. If you look it up it comes up with the amount of time you do it for :)
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