What style of boots would people use for schooling flat ? E.g. bell boots,bandages

Bell boots if they have shoes but only on the front. If not polos are great
Brushing boot or wraps
I use polos
For flat work I like to use eskadron bandages or back on track. And bell boots and jumping I like to use veredus boots. For hacking and lunging i use veredus vento boots which are a bit cheaper and Are easy to use
I mostly just use bell boots on fla
Polos and bell boots only on the front legs
Polos and bell boots, or my Veredus Carbon Gel Vento and bell boots
I don't but I'd say u could use polo wraps
Ill either use open front boots or polo wraps (that have half fleece half elastic). It really depends on how intense flatwork i'm doing, the temperature outside, the conditions of the arena.
I just use bandages
I love my equilibrium wraps.
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