What are the first dressage figures that we can teach to a young horse?

Figure of eights and 3/4 loop serpentines
Hello Connor,
The first figures are the simplest ones, ie, the diagonals, the doubled in length and width and the transitions rising and falling while trying to keep a good activity. The circles without curves come later (just to show how the action of the hand acts and the figure associated with it). Then a slight curve can be set, but ALWAYS on wide curves (no volte).
Once these few basics very well mastered by the horse, one can pass to exercises a little more complex such as voltes, half voltes, reversed voltes, the eight of figure, ... Sessions with the leg head to the wall , Hip in, against gallop, will come much later !!! What you can do also is the reactivity to the leg (to place its aids for the gallop), to ask for a light trot while keeping his legs in contact, ...
You must teach your young horse to do easy exercises that he can quickly understand and that he will find easy and therefore he will appreciate to do them.
Bye bye :)
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