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What supplements do you have your horse on and why?

What supplements do you have your horse on and why?
Hartog Lucerne-mix roughage, witch is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace minerals from nature.
Proper digestion that decreases the risk of colic
A low content of starch and sugar compared to hay or grass silage
I'm not a fan of adding supplements everywhere, I would rather have my horse on a complete feed. But of course that's not ideal for everybody. I do always provide a salt lick.
I have Pavo vital complete because he only gets oats it adds the minerals and vitamins that he needs cause he can't get pellets
I use the Vitalix buckets for one of my horses. She's a hard keeper so it's a good treat to keep some pounds on her, keep her busy, and it's full of vitamins and minerals. It smells so good like molasses.
Horse 1: magnesium to help chill him out a bit :), something for his digestive system because sometimes he does not get fed enough hay and is thus prone to ulcers, garlic to help against the flies, electrolytes because he sweats alot!
Horse 2: pavo nerve control because he stresses, same thing for digestive system, garlic and electrolytes
Horse 3: garlic, magnesium for joints, cod liver oil also for joints but also for hooves and coat, and the same thing for the digestive system
My horse is on horseshoers secret due to him having cracked hooves. It's supposed to improve his hoof strength and also helps with his coat. I love this product. It's not too expensive but works amazingly with my horses hooves and adds an extra shine to his coat.