What does it mean if my gelding is making tiny squeals under his breath before he's been riden??

I'm happy to help 😃
Yeah I won't worry to much about it but if he does more often I might ask my vet, thank you maddy x sometimes when I do his girth he has a massive stretch bless him x but thanks
Or maybe it's when youre tightening the girth?
It may just be him preparing himself for your weight. You know how humans grunt when we lift something heavy? Its sounds like something natural to me, so I wouldn't worry about it ;) but if you have some true concerns, the best idea is to speak to a vet or another horse expert.
Hi I've not noticed it when I'm mounting it's when I've tacked him up and he's waiting to be ridden!! He's a steady cob so he's so relaxed!!
Does he do it when you're getting on him? My mare loves to grunt as I'm mounting.
Hi thanks but he looks so relaxed that's what I can't understand 😂
I agree. If it seems that it isn't aggressive or pain related, then it's probably just him being overjoyed!
Usually that he is excited!!
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