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What is your discipline,and why? 🤔 🐴

What is your discipline,and why? 🤔 🐴
I ride dressage and jumpers, jumpers is always what I've taken interest to and done and I do dressage because it's fun and it helps my horse and I.
Eventer by nature 💁🏻 but currently doing everything...western, showing, Trail, mounted archery, Liberty, gymkana, I like try new things 😜 Luckily I have a pretty versatile pon☺️💖
Hunter jumper because I wanted to do jumping but not to high and the barn I do my jumping at is the closest jumping barn
Show Jumping, I love the adrenaline and how it gets my blood pumping I love the sensation when the jump is getting higher and after doing it I feel like I'm on top of the world and how it's never the same
i show in hunter jumper and i do it because it's a good base if i want to branch off to something g like jumpers or cross country!
I have an icelandic horse which involves a discipline called gædingakeppni (which is where you show the gaits) and Alrid (which is kind of the same as TREC but more gait and dressage focused) 😁 I have never ridden "bigger" horses and I simply can't get enough of tølt 🙌🏼
Jumping gets the blood pumping intense and the adrenaline
I do Western pleasure. I used to be a jumper, but due to injury, I am no longer able.
I do hunter/jumpers. It's fun and great way to give your horse attention .
I do hunter/jumpers. I love it! I love the technical side of it and the feeling you get after you finish a course clear or almost perfectly!
I love eventing especially the cross country aspect as you feel so free and bold !