My horse is black and I was wondering if I should body clip him for the summer so he doesn't get overheated? Where I live it gets pretty warm and sunny, he is rode 4-5 times a week

Where I live people say that when you clip a horse in spring, it'll be tired and flat through the spring/summer months. Also the coat won't be as shiny anymore. I don't exactly know if it's true because I never tried it, but multiple people told me. So I probably wouldn't clip him, I'm sure he'll be fine as long as he has a shadowy place do hide on the meadow and breaks during the ride. :)
Yes you should but don't forget you must pay attention to mosquitoes
I wouldn't - it's unheard of clipping in summer where I am
I would
Yes I would😊
I was nearly close to clipping my black cob last year as he gets really hot if it goes above 25 I would x
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