What is the best method for selling a horse if you don't show? Currently only trying word of mouth and talking to trainers. I would have used Facebook but they don't allow sales.

Thank you for the ideas. I've contacted another trainer and she's agreed to forward a flyer to a few people. I think having a well known rider show him would be a great idea too.
Maybe ask a professional or a well known rider to sell on behalf? It works really well and your horse will be noticed by lots of peopls
You can join Facebook groups that allow sales
Hi! I would contact a local barn and see if they could help. You could also see if your local tack store would let you put up an add. Good luck!
Hi Lindsey!
There are some groups on Facebook that allows sales... but if you are not sure about this maybe you can try with some selling websites! There are some if them for horse selling and some others where you can sell anything you want.
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