What product/remedy do you swear by for preventing/treating mud fever?

Hello Morgan,
I saw a question on the page of EQUUS Laboratoire that could interest you : https://www.horsealot.com/answers/5925b0a19a6d9c75248b4567/equus-laboratoire-treat-light-fever-with-your-products-frequency
Hope this helps :)
Never put cream on mud fever always let the air to it to dry the skin and let the wet stuff out and all the bacteria some disinfectant and hot water and a towel and take it over your horses legs that's how to treat it but to prevent it put pig oil on saves and water locking in
I use Sudocreme (baby cream), cheap and available in any supermarket or pharmacy. Softens any scabs and forms a protective layer
I love filtabac, cow udder cream and Equi skin!
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