My horse is extremely vicious, whenever I try to tack her up she tries to bite me. I've tried smacking her hard right when she bites but she fights back...Any tips to correct this?

Thank you all so much! We figured out the issue. @calistaride @riding_beyonce @kominovskageorgina @shellishere @veveequestrian @majasihaljerod @allysimmons it's actually not because anything is hurting her or causing her to do this. It's completely the horse, she just behaves this way because she feels like it and the only thing I can do is tie her head to the wall so she can't turn around and bite. Smacking her makes the situation worse and is actually not the right thing to do in this scenario. Instead of disciplining the horse's personality which just isn't something you can do we are instead just trying to find alternatives which is tying the horse tighter. My horse does this solely because it's her personality and she is a mare. Thanks for all your help!
My horse did the same thing, I figure out that his girth was bruising his the underneath of his stomach. I got a special girth that distributes the pressure more evenly. Now he's fine. Your saddle might also be hurting her. :)
Let the horse smell and see the saddle and bid. When you feel the horse is comfortable just slide the saddle on and keep on doing that until the horse just acts like nothing is happening. If the horse is biting you it is probably because she is sacred because you are smacking her. She just does it in defense probably. Smacking her can create trust problems too and that is going to help either...
That's is [email protected] what is the logic behind that one? I know I once had this problem where my horse would walk away from me when trying to be caught and you would chase her away then she would gallop off but then turn around straight into your arms (Almost like parelli yo-yo game) but startling them when tacking up?
Interesting... @veveequestrian now how would this help? I imagine that would make the horse feel startled
Thank you I appreciate your answer! @majasihaljerod
When you know that the horse isn't in pain you could try this... Take a day of the riding. This may sound strange but what you could do is go to the arena and take the saddle with you in your hands. Tell her to stand still and saddle her without a webbing. Do it over and over until she almost stands there sleeping. Then add on the webbing. In the beginning don't tighten it, just move it around as if you where. Then do it all over again. If she starts to chew or lower her head etc. Stop and reward! Walk a lap without it and then do it again. Patience is key!
My mare had that problem too. You have to raise your voice and startle them
Thank you very much @shellishere I will definetly take that into mind
Hi Megan.. stomach ulcers have a few different symptoms.. she won't necessarily buck... many horses have ulcers with no visible symptoms.. Get her scoped to tell for sure. And then her biting may be a habit.. tie her short .. give her sugar or something to take her mind off.. ignore her biting.. put the saddle softly on her.. don't put the girth tight.. put her boots.. tighten girth a couple of holes.. still not tight.. do something else... then walk her..give treat then tighten girth completely.. in other words do it gradually... And ignore the reaction completely as long as your safe... reward her...
@kominovskageorgina it is a disciplinary action.
Madeleine Rieker I agree, she was just vetted in July as well. I was hoping for more disciplinary tips.
A lot of people are saying check for stomach ulcers but if she had them she would probley buck a lot during lessons
Thank you Madeleine Rieker
First of all what good is smacking your horse gonna do? Huh? You should check if she's in physical pain and if it's not that check for stomach ulcers or maybe there is something wrong with your saddle. There are a million things to consider doing before smacking your horse hard? That's awful. She might be already in pain and you doing that won't help anyone. Check with a vet. They know best
My old horse used to do that but I got her out of it by whenever she tried to bite me I would smack her on the muzzle (not hard) and then she would stop for a couple minutes and if she did it again my trainer said very firmly NO not yelling just very firm. Hope that helps !!!
I will first make sure she is not responding to any pain, and if she is not then I could try(like someone said make it fun not a job)treats. She may become greedy about the treats and demand them, but first I would like to fix the biting issue- then work on other manners.
Thank you all very much! I will try that, hopefully this issue subsides.
First check if she is in any physical pain, once you are 100% sure it's not pain related try Clicker training. And make tacking up fun for her, don't make it a job, or seem like work for her.
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