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Any suggestions of really good whitening tricks for white socks?

Any suggestions of really good whitening tricks for white socks?
get a jelly curry, wet the sock and put whitening shampoo directly on the curry comb. Scrub the sock until it is very sudsy, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes and wash it off
Baby powder works a treat 😉
I use a product called 'Bling It On Pony' which is a white powder that you add water to and make a paste. You paint the paste onto the socks, leave it to dry and then brush off for crazy white socks. I have also found it really good for cleaning up skin issues like mud fever and cannon crud.
Get a product called quicksilver- it's kind of pricey but worth it. It lasts a long time and is the best it never fails to clean a stain and you only need a little drop plus it lasts forever
Baking soda
And then wash it off after it's dried
Mix water and baking soda and put it on the white spots, I rode a paint with a lot of white on him and that's what I did before shows and it really helped!
I've also heard wash with tomato sauce but I've never tried it...
Use sunlight soap or dynamo
Wash the sock with a dandy brush and some whitening shampoo, then when dry use baby powder or maizena, sprinkle over sock and brush it even. Tip: make sure it's all dry when you put the powder on, otherwise it makes it patchy...☺️ Good luck!
Mix up a paste of talcum powder and water and paint it on the night before a show, let it dry. Use old socks with the toes cut off to cover it once dry. The next morning brush the talcum out and they look amazing!