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What is a good saddle brand ?

What is a good saddle brand ?
I love my bates close contact caprilli :) totally recommend!
CWD and Bruno Delgrange 💖
I have a Voltaire that is really comfortable and easy to fit.
I have an incredible HDR that is super cheap but amazing
The Bruno Delgrange saddles are great and super comfortable!!
Bruno delgrande, Antares, Butet and Equipe
Bruno delgrange❤️
bruno delgrange
Most universal try Wintec, not to pricey, has interchangeable gullets, easy to clean etc. but my personal opinion: Saint Lourdes, it's comfortable, easily fitted, and it keeps your leg in the correct position and helps you sit bucks 😅😋 but it's not cost efficient.
Prestige saddles are amazing! Also Bates, CWD & Stubben are also amazing!
Wind tec
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It depends on your horse. We usually tend to buy saddles for the rider and not for the confort of our horses. I personally think the saddles that let the rider feel closer to the horse are better. A good example are BUTET saddles, I really like these ones, evenmore, with one of these you don't have to use any saddlepad because they are supposed to fit perfectly.
Santa Cruz Gentec :)
Passier, they are great to sit in and have a lot of support.
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