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Any opinions on the free jump stirrups? Advantages and disadvantages of them? Thanks :D

Any opinions on the free jump stirrups? Advantages and disadvantages of them? Thanks :D
I have heard a big mix of reviews from friends and riders. Some say it's worth the money and they are amazing, but I have seen and heard a lot of accidents happen to them during shows. By breaking in half during the course and such things. I would say if you don't mind spending the money the lorenzini and the best, but another cheaper stirrup is he Jin stirrups
I had a look at them, they are basically an upside down version I believe? Might be another option :)
My foot has been trapped in them because of the angle of the outside part. They are crazy expensive and I personally don't believe they're worth it. I have sold both my pairs and have gotten Tech safety stirrups instead, tech stirrups saved my from being dragged a week ago and I can't thank them enough!
I use mine in dressage
I have a pair. Absolutely adore them, my leg position has never been so stable and I have found my leg engages so much more effectively.

Cons - crazy expensive and some events don't allow them
I have freejumps and they're awesome! They're great because they are easy to get back if you lose your stirrups on course, and they break away, they're stylish, and other reasons. Some downs are that you cannot use them in hunters or dressage, they require free jump leathers if you want to out your stirrups up when you're done, and they're expensive. The pros outweigh the cons in my opinion, I highly recommend getting them, along with the free jump leathers, as well as a spare set of normal stirrups and leathers in case you need them. Hope this was helpful(:
Yeah well for uk he cheapest I've found are £144 and the most expensive I've found are £280, I have real struggles with trying to sit properly in canter and keep my heels down and feet in the stirrups so I wonder if for the money they would keep my canter seat good and therefor bring my confidence up
Advantages: help keep your leg in place, good for joint pain, keep your feet in the stirrup.
Disadvantages: super expensive definitely not the most cost effective stirrups.
Advantages: they look cool, are super grippy and comfortable. Disadvantages: their expensive asffff and the 'safety' side of them isn't actually that effective.