Ask Ravene: What are the essential products to keep our horse in top shape during the summer?

Hi James,

For your horse spend a good summer, I advise you:

- Our range EMOUCHINE to avoid the harassment of the flies and sometimes the appearance of dermatitis that they can provoke! For this, we have EMOUCHINE DERM MILK which is a summer dermal milk.
You can especially use EMOUCHINE SHAMPOO for summer shampoos, in order to boost the sprays' duration of action.

- In our foot care range, PURE PROTEC is a colorless, moisturizing ointment that deeply nourishes and softens the horn when it is dried by summer soil or is brittle. BIODYNE is a dietary supplement that can also promote the strength and regrowth of the horn if needed.

- In our Specific Care range you will also find OXXYGEN, it’s a dietary supplement in the form of syrup, ideal for the respiratory tract when the environment is dry and dusty.

- In our range Recovery after effort I also advise you NUTRILYTE and NUTRILYTE FLASH to rehydrate correctly your horse after the effort (this one will perspire more during the summer)

Beautiful summer with Ravene
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