How should we react to a horse getting very anxious and excited when other horses get out of the arena, truck or barn, leaving him alone?

Hello James,
The answer is easy. You separate them… While that is too simple of an answer, it’s basically what you do. If your horse panics when his buddy horses leave the property without him, it is a herd bound horse and needs to be de-bonded. A horse that goes crazy when its companion(s) are away is a danger to itself, others and property. Separating your horses gives them the opportunity to learn they can survive by themselves. If you have a small property and separation is not possible in your circumstance, you have another option… Borrow a friend’s horse. Have an agreeable friend ‘trade’ animals with you for a short period of time. You take care of their horse while they take care of yours temporarily. Let your horse spend some time in a different location. Simply shift your horse(s) around for a while. The de-bonding process will occur over a relatively short period of time. From a safety perspective, it is a necessary thing to do.
Have a good day !!
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