Ask Ravene: How do you keep clay as cold and efficient as possible on the horse's legs throughout the night?

Thank you very much everybody :)
Hi Amber,

You can use our active clay TENDIFLEX+ in several ways:

- Putting it on the legs and letting it dry this way
- Applying it on the legs with standing wraps, and a journal or plastic layer underneath
- Putting it in the fridge for a while before applying it to double the cooling effect

TENDIFLEX + helps the legs to recover after an efforts (joins, ligaments, tendons).

With its astringent effect, it capts the heat created by the leg and redistributes it in the surrounding air.

The cooling effect relieves quickly after effort.

The texture is very easy to apply, it contains essential oils of Tea tree, Aloe Vera and menthol.
Hi! Here in argentina we do the same as in portugal @beatrizpaixao ❤️
Hi! Here in Portugal we don't usually keep clay cold during this night, we put on a layer of clay, then wrap it with a news paper sheet and then we wrap them with rest wraps ☺️
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