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Ask Ravene: What is your advice to treat your leather tack at best (soap, cream...)?

Ask Ravene: What is your advice to treat your leather tack at best (soap, cream...)?
I like Horsemans one step
Thank you so much, it's really interesting because you have a range very complete !! I think with all this products my horse will spend a beautiful summer :)
Hi Connor,

Here is a presentation of our qualitative Charlee's Leather range:

- EASY CLEAN : 3 in 1 spray which cleanses, protects and nurtures the leather. It is easy and quick to use for all kinds of leather. It replaces glycerine soap. It is perfect for daily clean up and can be used without water!

- BUBBLE SOAP : revolutionary gel soap! It takes off and cleanses all the dust layers from sweat and dirt for all sorts of leather. The sponge is included.

- AUTHENTIC'OIL : it is a very hydrating oil for dry leather.

- INNOV'OIL : an innovative oil bicomposed, the effect is without any risk for the stiches. It is perfect for new leather tack, I would recommend to apply this oil at least once before using new leather!

- SOFT BALM : Balm which deeply nurtures the leather. The formula is very technical and can be used every day to create a protective layer on your leathers. It is a real aesthetical and nurishing product.

- BLACK CARESS and NEUTRAL CARESS : white and transparent polishes for all types of shoes, boots, black high boots or other colors.

- and... In a few weeks, EASY CLEAN WIPES arrive! These are wipes for a quick and efficient cleanse, without water or soap. Enriched in vitamin E and Aloe Vera, without perfume, paraben, colorants or phenoxythanol. These wipes are ideal for all circumstances : right before entering the ring, before the beginning of a show... It is great for last minute make up or for an easy daily cleaning!