In flat classes at shows my horse gets really excited at the walk. What can I do to stop her from prancing and trying to trot?

Sway your hips with hers forcing her to slow down the rithym
Wiggle your fingers and keep her busy open and close your hand so that she's thinking on the pressure of the mouth and you can also trying a stinger bit to have more control
Move your arms with her mouth to give her her head and say woah quietly and stay relaxed
Keep your hands loose and don't hold him back also try flexing him
Leg-yield! It works great.
Just practicing going from trotting then walking for a few strides then back to trotting helps :)
try moving your ring finger by that i mean sponge the reins. the smallest squeeze on the reins with the ring finger your horse feels, this can keep there attention on out and not everything around them.
Thx 💖 I will definitely try all of these?
Do not hold him back, that will only make him want to trot more. What you can do (if your horse has a lot of energy) is to trot them in circles but make sure to keep control and not let it proceed to canter. Hope I helped!
If there is a warmup then don't keep them waiting, if a horse has a lot of energy and what's to trot around then let them, just keep doing small circles to keep them listening :) holding them back and making them walk gets them fired up more and more :)
What we do is when our horse is intesapating we just keep circling them and when u hack like mix it up. Also one time my trainer just had me get on and just walk on a loose rein for 10-20 mins and she's doing good now! So you can try that
I find my horse does this as well. I have found that it is usually because I am tense and nervous so I tend to concentrate on calming myself down and giving him a slightly longer rain instead of trying to pull him back. I give him a longer rein, sit deep in the saddle and use my seat to slow him down and he usually stops jogging, good luck with finding a solution :)
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