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how do I make my horse more supple, less stiff in the neck and more relaxed when riding

how do I make my horse more supple, less stiff in the neck and more relaxed when riding
If you have a non expert horse he should learn that if he moves away from a physical pressure rather than resisting it, the pressure goes away. In reality he can relieve a pressure by moving forward away from it or he can relieve it by moving sideways away from it. Moving sideways away from a pressure results in the reward of the pressure going away, this is absolutely fundamental.
Also it is important giving the horse the time to learn and adquire all this knowledge. Starting doing it at walk may be a good approach. Also a single movement with a good response is preferable than a long imprecise diagonal.
Is there any tips you can give me when asking for a leg yield as all he seems to do is run away from my leg
Hi Zoe,

For good joints I advise you our NUTRIFLEX supplement. NUTRIFLEX is rich of meadowsweets and sage. It is the perfect choice for sport or aged horses.

You can give Nutriflex all year round, I would recommend that you use it for example once or twice every quarter. It will help you maintain and develop the suppleness and good shape of your horse!

The product is liquid, you can mix it in your horse's food. You can give 30ml per day (with the measuring cap) during 10 days.

Other than this, to relax your horse, I would recommend BECOOL.
This product does not 'put your horse to sleep' or does not affect the performances at all, it just helps him relax his body.

It contains Tryptophan, an amino acid essential for the stress regulation, as well as magnesium, passiflora and camomile.

It is liquid as well, you can mix it to your horse's food, 30 to 60ml per day during 2 to 4 weeks. The quantity can be adapted to your horse's reaction to it.

You can give it as well around 4 hours before a stressful situation to come for your horse (travel, show...).
Good evening Zoe!
There are some exercises that help me a lot when trying to unlock my horses. Starting with hips, a leg-yield is always a good option because it moves 50/50 forward and sideways the horse loosening your horse's shoulders, back and hips.
Shoulders are also important, starting at the walk and then trotting, make a square instead of a circle, riding your horse with a counterflexion to the outside. At each corner, move your hands to the inside to swivel your horse's shoulders around the 90 degree turn.
For more suppleness in the neck i use to ride on a circle, using the inside rein in the same manner as unlocking the poll, but asking for a bigger bend. It is important to do it quickly but smoothly.
Hope this helps a bit :)