My horse has a terrible habit of pulling shoes at least once a month. He always wears bell boots but they don't seem to be helping. Any ideas how to prevent it from continuing?

He pulls them by running like a maniac in his paddock. (He has to go out by himself now cause he was stirring up all the horses in his pasture) He gets his shoes done every 4 weeks and they're aluminum. His feet are in pretty good condition except for where they keep getting yanked off. He gets thrush spray and hoof hardener on his feet every day regardless. Thanks for everyone's input I'll see what I can do 😊
Are his hooves in good condition? When I bought my horse he had a terrible case of thrush so he would pull shoes really easily. To have healthy hooves I recommend Farriers Fix Hoof Oil and Thrush Buster as well as biotin supplements. If that's not the case, how often is your farrier doing his hoofs? Mine goes once a month instead of the typical 6 weeks and that also helped him keep his shoes
My horse also used to do this all the time, but now my farrier used copper nails, and not only are they anti bacterial, so the holes in the hooves can not get infected, but the hoof is also more likely to 'bind' with the nail and so the shoe is less likely to be pulled. Also if you know how he is pulling his shoes, like is he running in the field really wild, or is he bored in his stall, or is he spooky during riding? Then maybe if you work on the underlying issue, the shoe pulling can also be solved :)
Maybe take a look at Secure Shoe - 😊
They also come In a vast range of colours :)
I know this may be really expensive but there are made to fit hoof boots that clip onto all 4 of your horses feet when you want to ride them, they are very durable and can be ridden on any terrain?
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