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Which dog breed gets along with horses the best (reposted)

Which dog breed gets along with horses the best (reposted)
Jack Russell
Labs or mixes
Any Big dog (just so the little ones don't get stepped on)
Any dog that is raised with horses ☺️ Especially sport dogs, so Jack Russells, foxhounds, etc. but be sure to train them right 💖
English springer spaniels are really good company 😄
I have a Labrador x Blue healer and he adores the horses and hangs around them all the time, but she is scared of them a little bit so she does not get close enough to get kicked. But she loves them that in the mornings she sits next to the ponies and watches them eat and she will sit next to the area to see whats going on.
My labrador adores my horses, we also have a Visla at our stables who is adored by all the horses, and a border collie who also likes horses. Really any dog that is trained well can get along with horses i think :)
Jack Russell
I own a a giant schnauzer and he's great with my horse. His natural instinct is to herd animals but with training I have taught him to not. He very calm around my horse. I can let my dog into my horses field and he'll go lay with my horse. I personally believe that it's about the particular dogs temperament not its breed.