How do I know which jump to jump when competing and what happens if I jump the wrong jump ??

Keep going over the course and when you walk walk as if you were jumping it or on your horse as soon as your done with one jump think of the next and when you walk into the ring review the course from a top the horse if you jump the wrong jump you will be disqualified also a lot of shows have number cards on jumps
You have to memorize the course with your trainer and if you go to the wrong jump your disqualified
Try to memorise it and if you go in the wrong way you will get eliminated😓
Practise makes perfect just try to memorise it and most of the time you will get eliminated don't worry if you do it happens to everyone!
at the show most of the time there will be a board with all the courses and you can find you class and memorize it through the day. if you go " off coarse" at most if not all shows you will be take. out of the robbins for only that coarse. but the good thing is if you are doing more than one you are still able to bring ribbons home!
There will be a coursemap you study and memorize before warming up to go in the ring. There are usually large signs with numbers on the jump. You just have to know your course and if you jump the wrong one the announcer will disqualify you and say "rider is off course" and you will leave the ring.
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