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What's your favorite brand of open front boot? I need a new pair!

What's your favorite brand of open front boot? I need a new pair!
For working at home, I like using the young ones have the eskadron flexi soft boots and for shows they have the veredus TR pro boots for the front and the young jump for the back. For the Grand Prix horses. I have the veredus TR pro boots and the shoes they have the veredus carbon gel grand slam boots and pressure boots for the Grand prixs
Back on Track makes an excellent pair of open fronts that look like a mix between equifits and eskadrons! They provide great protection with the benefits of the ceremic infused material. They are also at a fairly good price point
I have eskadrons right now and I don't really like them! I might just need a new pair I'm not sure why! Thank you guys tho!
Equifits are nice and look great
I prefer Eskadron, like Naho!
I've been happy with the Eskadrons. I thought I would just school in them but they hold up well and considering just using the same ones for the jumper ring this year. You can buy all four as a pack for a pretty affordable price and you can just hose them off. I also wipe them with baby wipes.
I really like the Dover brand open front boots and they are very affordable and work very well. If you willing to buy a more expensive pair I would definetly recommend eskadrons. they are awesome. And then there are Equifits which are quite pricy but worth the money