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What brand sells the best jumper saddles?

What brand sells the best jumper saddles?
i have a butet && cwd, both of which i absolutely loveee! the butet was my first saddle, && it fit most horses bc of it's med wide tree, but my newest horse, has v wideset shoulders, so my butet pinched, only bc it didn't fit. i bought him a custom cwd, and it fits like a glove. i recommend both, it really just comes down to personal preference and what your horse needs.
I like CWD, Antares, Equipe and Butet!
Hi, I am a big fan of CWD and Hermes saddles. I currently ride in a Hermes and love it!
I adore my butet saddle, and my equipe saddle. Both brands are able to customize their saddles completely to horse and rider! (this of course comes at a price... ;) )
I love CWD, but Antares seems nice too!