How should we react to a horse who pins his ears when you feed him and who can become very agressive? How to desensitize him?

My mare used to come at me all cranky when I brought in her bucket. I made her back up and accept it's my bucket until I give it too her. Now she stands quietly until I leave the stable . I can place it on the floor and she won't eat until I step away and she knows she's allowed to have it. She just didn't respect me. Now she does. She's a much nicer mare now she respects people.
Thank you everyone !!
I have a horse tha used to do that so I stood there holding the feed bucket while he eat out of it. Aha got to have the guts to do it :)
My mare was previously stabled and we realised that as soon as we fed her outside and even moved her outside permanently, she relaxed soo much from being very aggressive around food inside. She used to almost leap over the door at people walking past, even mildly aggressive when there wasn't food in the stable. She now let's me groom her and play with her ears and face and doesn't even bat an eye.
Hi Jack,
If a horse should own any part of the day, it’s when they’re eating. When you feed a horse, leave them alone. Get the feed to them as easily as you can without mixing in at all, then leave them alone. Give them plenty of time to eat. This is not a time when they ought to be pleased with having you in their lives.
Horses that are cranky when they’re fed are cranky because they want you out of their life and they want the tranquility of being able to eat without being bothered by a human being. You wouldn’t want them coming and hanging their head over your table when you’re having lunch, and they feel the same way. So, it is best to leave your horse alone when you feed them.
Good afternoon :)
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