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Thoughts on leasing a horse?

Thoughts on leasing a horse?
It's a great way to have a horse that you love to ride without having to pay for everything!I have leased and it's an amazing experience!
I think it would be good if you were thinking of buying him/her later on down the track. The only struggle I have is I get quite attached and don't won't them to go back to their owners!
Great idea😊
I think it's great!!! I love leasing, it's a good teaching experience especially if you are looking to own in the future, it's definitely not as expensive as owning but sometimes can be pretty close depending on the type of lease. It has helped me improve my riding because I can go ride more than once a week!
It is a great idea to lease a horses because sea you can get to know if and see if you like the horse.
Good for short term, I highly agree with Ciara Murphy
I think leasing a horse depends entirely on your current situation.
I would highly recommend the experience of leasing before buying a horse. This gives you the whole experience without the long term commitment.
You can see what works and what doesn't.
I have seen so many people rush into buying and finding out owning a horse isn't for them.
Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to lease, but I think if given the option it's a wonderful way to experience horse ownership.
Comparing leasing vs owning is hard to financially. Many owners and leasers have specific agreements.
I have a lease horse and I pay livery, shoes and half the vet bill. I have the luxury of tack and rugs provided for me by his owner.
It all depends really. I didn't have the initial purchase of the horse plus the thousands of extra equipment you need! But I've known some people who have had to buy evert for the lease horse.