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For what type of situation do you use a grazing muzzle?

For what type of situation do you use a grazing muzzle?
For ponies with laminitis
I use for when out on trails on a pony most of the time. But mainly for little kids as they may not be able to pull the horses head up. But it can be used for all different types of things 😊
I got two horses who has cushions and ponies who can't have to much grass. I use muzzles on them.
I only used it when my old pony had cushions
I had to put a grazing muzzle on my pony cause he was getting to fat and we wear afraid he would founder
Hello James,
Grazing muzzles are designed to limit the amount of pasture grass that your horse can eat. Grazing muzzles also limit the size of the bite, so there’s less grass with every munch. Horses that are metabolically challenged, such as horses with insulin resistance or cushing’s disease, need limited pasture access, in this case the grazing muzzles are very useful and I think necessary. Using a grazing muzzle while your horse munches away on his most favorite meal ever seems like torture! But, if you don't use it, there will be many metabolic problems, possible laminitis, and all of the problems that come with having an overweight horse.
I would use a grazing muzzle if there was a lot of rich spring grass as this is the worst for laminitis and grass sickness. If you have a fat horse/pony then they are more susceptible to laminitis and you should consider a muzzle. I personally manage my horses grass intake with electric fencing and my pony who is susceptible to laminitis hasn't suffered from it since I bought him 14 years ago.