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What is the best product for horses with Arthritis?

What is the best product for horses with Arthritis?
You buy it online from equicure. It's very effective. Before I got it my horse was so bad the vet said he had to be put to sleep but now he canters about the field! He's 25yrs old with severe arthritis, badly damaged ligaments which made his fetlock drop down and he broke his pelvis previously. They sell other products and will tell you what's the best for your horse if you email and explain what he's like.
Thank you also do you know where I could find it
@carolinetobin he has just been diagnosed with it so it's not too bad. He is still lame but vet told me to ride him next week unless he's really bad. He is only 12.
Depends on how bad they are? Is the horse lame, still being ridden? My old horse is too bad to be ridden as he has other injuries too. He gets herbutol. I've tried everything on him and this has been a godsend.