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Which stirrups do you recommend for jumping ?

Which stirrups do you recommend for jumping ?
Hey Danielle,

I use MDC stirrup irons and love them! They have so many different options which allows them to meet a variety of riders' needs. Mine are specific for relieving pain/stress/pressure on my joints, which I need due to my long legs. But even though my pair are jointed, they still offer me the same support for jumping. Even though they are high tech, they still have a very traditional look. I definitely recommend taking a look :)

If you are willing to pay money I would suggest the lorenzini, they are my personal favorites. But some cheaper options are free jump or Jin stirrups. The Lorenzini really help me with my horses that have a lot scope and jump huge over the jump, as they help me not to get kicked out the saddle.
Free jump or Jin's
Jins, Lorenzini and Opera from Acavallo :)
Thank you all
Free jumps are amazing
Also another thing on Lorenzini, I've had a few people borrow my saddle before with the stirrups on them, and they've immediately gone and bought them after that, especially one lady who had troubles with her ankle, she said, "this is amazing, I can't feel my pain anymore, whatever these are I'm getting them, no matter the price"
Lorenzini stirrups are amazing!
Flex Ons, they feel amazing when riding!
Omg Lorenzini all the way, cheaper than free jumps, and I love them a hell of a lot more than free jumps lmao. The way they are made and the way they sit is just so beautiful!
Free jumps or prestige :)