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Tell me about your horse! Age, breed, colour, discipline and a fun fact!

Tell me about your horse! Age, breed, colour, discipline and a fun fact!
Name: Zeek
Age: 13
Breed: QH x Paint
Color: Black & White tobiano
Discipline: Eventing :)
Fun Fact: He will eat literally everything (Zippers are his favorite thing to play with)
Name: Rick
Age: 28
Breed: Quarter Horse
Colour: Bay
Discipline: Retired but he used to barrel race when he was younger
Fun fact: He will follow you WHEREVER you go. 😊
Name: sophie😊
Age: 27
Breed: quarter horse
Color: seal brown with a white stripe down her nose
Discipline: English
Fun fact: she has fallen through her stall floor😬
And we compete in hunters. Pony Finals here we come!
My horse is an 11 year old, 14.0hh German riding pony. She's bay with black points and her favorite thing to do is graze and jump! She doesn't love flatwork but if I put her in front of a jump she would clear anything!
My horses name is Jedi, he's 9 (that's what the vet said anyways), he's a quarter horse (I think), he's a paint, he wasn't trained to do anything (the little bit he was trained) but I want him to be a hunter. Fun fact: he likes to play with dog toys!
My horse's name is Tucker, he is a 7 year old 16hh chestnut thoroughbred. it's been my dream to do eventing since i starting riding and i have done only dressage (in competition) on him so far but we are working towards show jumping and hopefully cross country soon! Fun fact: he HATES puddles (will literally jump over them) but absolutely loves water in any other form, specifically when i let him drink from the hose during baths!
Thoroughbred, Black bay and turned 5 this year! She does not have a discipline at the moment because she is is recovering from a serious injury. Fun fact: my mare loves other mares which is weird to me! She doesn't care for a gelding or a very handsome stallion!
Versaille V, 15 years, competed 150, jumping, brown, dutch halvf blood and competing 120 with me at the moment⭐️⭐️
Lou, 6 years, miniature horse, mealy bay minimal pinto, activity (showmanship/trail/hunter), his favourite treat is to suck juice out of the palm of my hand 😂😂
Hey Megan! I have a 6 year old Percheron thuroughbred! He will be in hunters and pleasure!
Name: Simba
Age: 8
Breed: quarter horse x Morgan x Arab
Colour and markings: liver chestnut white star and two small white socks on his back legs
Sex: gelding
Fun fact: his name means lion😊
Breed: South African Warmblood (yes we breed horses here)
Colour: Grey
Fave thing: GRASS. He prefers it over carrots 🥕
Discipline: Showjumping 110/120.
Breeding: by a Consuelo who was imported to Namibia, he is by Corrado and he's out of a mare by a SF Stallion called Argonaute who was also imported to South Africa. This mare has competed in the 145cm classes
16 year old quarter horse mare, bay, reiner/cutter, she is the only horse I've ever known who loves potato chips.
Breed: Arabian
Color: flea bitten grey
Discipline: Leasure
Fun fact: She used to be friends with her reflection.
16 year old Thoroughbred (OTTB), chestnut with a star, jumper. He loves to have his head scratched, and loves to play with things with his mouth haha. His name is Huey, and even though he's not mine, he's one of my favorites
Age: 18
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color: Dark Bay
Discipline: Any western riding
Fun Fact: Loves anything sweet.
Age: 6
Breed: Welsh cross
Colour: Palomino
Fave thing: Plums, apples, bananas...(most fruits)
Breed: cob
Colour: piebald
Favourite thing to do: run away when trying to bring her in from the field (and carrots)
Age: 13
Breed: Oldenburg
Color: Bay
Discipline: Hunter and Equitation
Fun fact: He loves ice cream!