What do you thing about Ariat Boots? Mines are broken and I'm looking for a new pare !

For the price ariat boots are great. Sometimes the button or zipper breaks but that's fixable without high costs. I used to have challenges and it lasted me 4 years with riding at least 3-5 a week. I cleaned and polished every day.
Bad quality for the price but very comfy 😉
Try tredsteps🙂
I heard very good things about ariat so i made sure my next pair were the ariat heritage jodhpur boots (all i could afford)
But the glue around the toes is already worn away and the leather has scratched quit a bit. I'm very disappointed with them and they way they hold up but they are very comfortable. I've had them since January (3months)
I've had my Ariat boots for MANY years now. They still look and feel great. I'm buying a new pair next week, Ariat of course. :D
The quality of the sole also feels way better than the cheaper brands I've bought. Very comfortable!
Since I've had mine I've had quite a few things go wrong with them
I think Ariat is probably the best brand to usee for boots as they are very sturdy and are very comfy!
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