My horse is really lazy and every time I try to kick harder to start trotting my feet fall out of the stirrups! Can anyone tell what I could do to keep my stirrups in?

In western, we wrap one rubber band on each foot. The rubber band souls be on the tip of you foot, going under the stirrup, and then on the little rubber place on the back of your boot.
Keep your heels down and "around" the horse. Don't kick, squeeze instead (while keeping your heels "down and around"). You should also make sure your stirrups are the right length, and not too long. If your stirrups are short enough, yet not too short, you should be able to keep your legs still while pushing your heels down in the right position.
Make sure your stirrups are the correct length and the stirrup treads aren't worn out making them slippy. Also check the grips on your boots. If you have no grip it'll always be more difficult to keep your feet in the stirrups.
Also if you do some no stirrup work it will strengthen your legs so that won't happen when you're kicking your horse forward
If your horse doesn't respond to your aids, give a light tap with your whip or crop and ask again. Remember not to kick but ask by squeezing your calf. I hope this helps you! :)
You loosing your stirrups most likely will be due to your horse being super lazy than your stirrups length, so... Ideally, you'd try to train your horse to move off your leg so that kicking is never used. Start with asking in the walk (so you dont loose your stirrups or balance) and gently squeeze your calf- or heel if thats easier and ask your pony to trot or walk faster, if they dont react immediately use more force when you ask again (whip/spur), do this until they learn to move off your leg immediately and hopefully a gentle squeeze is all you will ever need! Don't forget to also ask from your seat for the horse to move 'quicker' (eg. rising higher and for longer in the trot). Hope this helps :)
Hi there x you shouldn't be kicking as much as squeezing with your calf. If your horse doesn't listen when you ask him the first time give him a sharp tap with your crop or whip. This is because your horse should know that he must listen when you ask ♥. If this doesn't work there might be a problem with his saddle or he might be lame.
U need to ride bare back born and ride with shorter stirrups and spurs
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