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I have just been told that I have to sell my golden mare Lily. I am heart broken. How do I move on?

I have just been told that I have to sell my golden mare Lily. I am heart broken. How do I move on?
Sorry to hear this! I know it can be very hard. I think the best thing to do is focus on the positives from this situation. When I sold my jumping pony I was heartbroken and felt I rushed into the sale but I focused on the reasons that I could no longer compete on ponies and had to focus on new horse. I have kept In touch with the new owners of my pony for the last 5 years. As hard as it is focus on the good parts❤️
I am going through the same thing. I'm 17 and I buy and sell horses a lot and I try not to get attached, knowing that they are going. But I've had one of my stallion for almost 5 years now and I wasn't planning on selling him as he is on of my main Grand Prix horses but some offer came up to pay a lot of money for him, and I couldn't say no. I try to give me self about a week to adjust to the situation and if it's possible try to find another horse that you could maybe lease or even buy if your willing too. It helps to know that you will have a new friend to look after. Hope this helps xx
Know that she is going to a great owner and will be well taken care of. She will always love and remember you and nothing will happen to her. I knoe it sucks selling horses you love, but it's just the way this sport is! Try to keep riding horses and trying some hope this helps!
@carolinetobin she has been on loan already x
Why do you have to sell her? Could you put her on loan so you can take her back in a while?
I guess just think about the fact that she will be in a good home and that you were lucky to have owned the horse and spent all those memories together, I hope this was helpful
I'm going to have a really hard time when it comes time to sell my horse, she is my first horse ever and is very special to me and has such a personality.. I don't have any other horses.
I'm so sorry to hear this😢Try spending time with your other horses. They wont replace her but they are great for hugs and always have your back😊