I was hoping if anyone could guide me into getting into eventing. I'm going to start horse ridding soon and
My goal is to become an eventer. Please help 😕

Sure! Good luck! 😁
Thank you Sofia! ❤️
I'd start with dressage as it has a lot of flatwork and that is essential for jumping. I haven't jumped in a while but I'd start with poles on the ground then gradually start raising them. As for the cross country, go for hacks and trail rides so the horse can get used to that kind of surrounding, then add obstacles. If you are starting to ride now take everything slowly and don't be afraid to ask for help.
I've seen show jumping events online and I totally agree with you. Thank you so much! 😁
I've been horse riding for 6 years on and of and my dream is to be an eventer, my advice is to practice, practice and practice and always ask questions about anything your unsure of I can't stress enough how much practice you need to do :)
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