What bit would you use for a horse who needs a snaffle coming up to a cross country jump but something stronger for between CrossCountry jumps ??

mines in a double, bottom (leverage rein) is loose majority of the time and I mainly use the top snaffle rein but then the leverage is there if needed!
You could try a buchere bit (hanging cheek snaffle) as they work more like a snaffle then a gag
I don't put double reins on, it works like a snaffle but has a small amount of leaverige to act like the gag. I showjump in my aswell as sometimes he gets strong in between fences.
If your horse pill down against u, waterfod would the solution
Yes I was thinking a bevel too but I wanted a snaffle for coming to a jump so you recon you could put double reins on a bevel ?
Bevel/Wilkie bit. That's what I use as my horse is the same.
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