Does anyone know of any jump saddles that have wide channels, 9cm most of the way down to 5cm at the back. (Same size channel as wintec 500 gp). I would prefer leather too.

This is the number that will direct you to either Lucy or Abbie as they both share kentaur Australia.
0405 525 714
Or their email address is on their website 😀
They are awesome to talk to and will be happy to help. My cousin got to ride in 7 different saddles and the one the choose they got to keep on a 2 week trial to make sure she liked it before ordering her custom made one.
Yeah I am in South Australia
Are you in Australia as I have the number of the girl who owns the Australian kentaur shop.
Try the kentaur page and website, I know that they can custom make the saddle to fit the rider aswell as the horse. My cusion just got her saddle fully custom made to fit her and her overweight thouroughbred at a very reasonable price.
Breeanah, do you know any website where I can find these measurements?
Taylor, how much are you selling yours for? And do you have pics?
Cwd I am selling mine
Kentaur saddles 😍
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