The miclkem bridlle is good for horses ? What do you think ?

I personally prefer the ps of Sweden high jump bridle ! It has so many more valuable Qaulities
Love my micklem! Noticeably more control when jumping and he's a lot nicer to turn in jump-offs :)
I use the micklem bridle to all my horses. An absolute favourite. It fits well and the horses love it. Started using the micklem bridle after two of my horses had wounds in the mucosa. One after a regular noseband, but the other one had only used low nosebands. The dentist said it would take up to 1 1/2 year to heal.
I absolutely love horse is softer and I can get her round much easier. And I think it looks pretty awesome 😊
Yes - but I also think it depends on the horse. I have seen a huge difference in my young one as he has softened and lifted his front end rather than fighting against the bridle. :)
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