I have a 5 year old youngster been broken in twice. Will come home for the breakers and will be fine for the 2-3 weeks then will go back to rearing and bucking?? Any tips

I would make sure there is no pain in the horse and make sure tack is fitted correctly. If nothing shows after this I would talk to them who backed him and explain your issue and then talk about getting lessons with them. I used to be at a yard that broke many horses in and this was a common thing. If there is no pain it could be behavioural I would seek lessons with the people who backed him. Hope this helps😊
Yeah thankyou with the feed we have to send the feed with him as he is allergic to almost everything he eats. With the saddle it's actually made for him and the breaker would use the same brand of saddle with him as I use
You might want to check that your tack is comfortable for him. He might be used to the tack used to break him in and this new tack he finds confusing and uncomfortable. Another thing could be that his food ration or food distribution has changed and horses are creatures of habit so changing their feed times or food suddenly puts them out of sorts. You could also try lunging him before you ride to get any pent up energy and naughtiness out of his system :) It may also be he is just building muscle and is testing the waters of how much he can get away with. Be firm with him when he rears (so when you feel like he is about to rear push him forward, get him going) or if you feel like he is about to buck do a few circles and change your plan a bit to stop him from thinking about bucking. Hope this helps
Once he is broken in we have lessons with the people who did it 3-4 times a week before we bring him home but it's really random bucking for instance sometimes when I have just gotten into the saddle he will rear or chuck in a big buck or sometimes when we are going great then it just startes to happen randomly
Do you watch them train him? If so maybe try to repeat their techniques and pick up tips. Also Have someone watch you ride to get a second opinion or view on your training/riding. You could be teaching him bad habits without even knowing it :)
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